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World Class



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World Class


We are not your typical conference. Picture Book Summit welcomes all authors and illustrators who want to quickly learn industry updates each year, without the hassles and cost of traveling!

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2017 Speakers, Workshops and Submission Opportunities to be announced soon!

Past Superstar Speakers include:

How to Publish Hundreds of Picture Books: Notes on Being Prolific with Jane Yolen

JANE YOLEN - 2016 Superstar Speaker

Hear legend Jane Yolen, the Hans Christian Anderson of America, talk about what it really takes to be a successful picture book author, how she published hundreds of books, and most importantly, how you can too.

Whipping that WIP into Shape: What Makes a Picture Book Work?

Paul O. Zelinsky - 2016 Superstar Speaker

Award winning author and illustrator Paul O. Zelinsky takes you on a guided tour of his creative and critical process, analyzing and spelling out the many considerations that need to be met in a successful picture book, and how he tries to meet them.

Darius & the Clouds: Finding the Music in Your Story-Telling Voice

Matt de la Peña - 2016 Superstar Speaker

Whose stories do we choose to tell and why? And from what angle? Who owns the poetry in our stories and how do we get the voice right? The success or failure of a picture book often comes down to the microscopic decisions we make on the language level. It's not enough to simply get the story right. We must get the music right, too.

(2017 Workshops coming soon!) 2016 In-Depth Live Workshops From These Top Picture Book Writing Experts:

Submission Savvy


You've finished your manuscript and now you need to find an agent or publishing house. Demystify the process of research, drafting that all important query letter, and hitting the send button.

The Verse Curse


Why do publishers and agents say they hate rhyming books, when so many get published and children love them? Learn the top crimes of rhyme and how to avoid habits that make your verse worse. Plus ``must-have`` tips and resources on rhyming.

The Positive Power of Procrastination


You vow again and again, “Today I will work on my book!” But something just keeps getting in the way. Learn five keys to getting your picture book written, the difference between active and passive procrastination, and how you can benefit from knowing your “why.” Before you know it, you’ll go from procrastination to prolific!

Creating Memorable Picture Book Characters


If you want to create a picture book that children beg to have read to them over and over, you must start with unique and appealing characters. Learn how to craft characters with spirit, personality, and aspirations that young children will identify with and find immensely entertaining.

Our 2017 charity partner to be announced in the spring of this year. The 2016 charity partner was Reading Partners

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