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We are not your typical conference. Picture Book Summit welcomes all authors and illustrators who want to quickly learn industry updates each year, without the hassles and cost of traveling!

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2017 Picture Book Summit Superstar Speakers and Workshop Presenters

Superstar Speakers for 2017

TAPPING THE TRUTH: Tomie dePaola on Writing What You Know (and the tap shoes he still owns)

Tomie dePaola

From his Irish-Italian roots to his adventures in musical theatre, his time as a Benedictine monk and his work as a fine artist and teacher, legendary author/illustrator Tomie dePaola has always drawn from life experience. But how does a character inspired by your own grandmother become so universal? Find out in this intimate interview with one of our industry's most esteemed, beloved and prolific talents.

Decisions, Decisions: Picturing a Book

Carole Boston Weatherford

New York Times bestselling author Carole Boston Weatherford, an award-winning poet and a master of picture book nonfiction, discusses how she selects subject and premise, determines point of view and verb tense, develops voice, and mashes up the genres of poetry, biography, historical fiction and informational books.

Dissecting the Frog: We’re Going to Try to Analyze Humor, God Help Us

Adam Rex

EB White once wrote, “Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind.” Humor is difficult to nail down and everyone has a different style, yet New York Times bestselling and award winning author, Adam Rex will attempt the impossible -- teaching authors how to be funny.

2017 Workshops

Let Them Read Layered Picture Books

Julie Hedlund

A truly delicious book must contain multiple layers. If you've ever gotten feedback that your story is ``slight``, Julie's recipe for creating a picture book with depth and heart is exactly what you need. You'll leave knowing how to bake layers into your own books.

STEAMpower: Bringing Nonfiction to Life

Steve Swinburne

Through humor and storytelling, veteran nonfiction author, Steve Swinburne, fresh from travels with sea turtles, wolves, manatees, and sloths, will take writers into the heart of narrative nonfiction storytelling. Learn to use “story” to create quality, informational books that hook young readers on topics of science, technology, engineering, art and math as well as people and history.

Purpose Without Preaching

Laura Backes Bard

Are you talking down to your audience and not even realizing it? Children are clever and they know when they're getting a morality lecture. Didactic picture books will get your story rejected in a snap. Learn to master picture books with purpose so children -- and editors -- will embrace your story.

The Agent's Perspective: Pitching and Selling Picture Books

Brenda Bowen

Can you convey your book’s unique qualities to an agent? And after you're published, how will your book get the attention it deserves? Brenda Bowen guides you through the author/agent relationship and the process of selling and marketing your purposeful picture book.

2017 Picture Book Summit Charity Partners

This year, Picture Book Summit is giving to students “coast to coast.” Proceeds from Picture Book Summit 2017 will be donated to Title 1 schools Harrison Elementary in Cottage Grove, OR, and Lincoln Elementary, New Britain, CT.  A portion of each Summiteer’s ticket will go to each school’s library!